Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Hola from Mexico City, Mexico!  Ryan and I are here for the week for his first event on the PGA LatinoAmérica Tour.  If you are interested in following his scores, use this link:

PGA LatinoAmérica Tour 2013

The tournament starts Thursday and the Blaums tee off at 12:35pm local time (mostly Ryan alone will tee off, I would hate to have our future riding on me playing golf, but I'll be, you know, there too.)  I'm officially his caddy for the year, which will include some sweet tan lines, as much bottled water as I can consume and some more rad stamps in my passport... Hey, as wierdy as the tan lines get, this girl ain't complaining!

Some Randoms:
We have been doing P90X for a little over a week now and we are pretty much in beast mode... Ha! Only kidding but we really like it, but are doing a few modifications, since Ryan sorta really needs his body for his job.

We really like the food here so far!  We did have some mystery meet last night, but we seem to be in the clear!  Plus, the guacamole and cactus salad were delightful!

I have been looking at tons of blogs lately and want to have ours be redesigned and awesome, so hope for that to come soon!!  Also, I have noticed that I really only like blogs that post pictures with their writing, so I'm semi-annoyed right now that I don't have cool pics to share!  Sorry!

"Bienvenidos!"  Is my new favorite word and I say it to Ryan when he hits a good shot or putt, which in case you did not know, is not an appropriate way to use this word... like. at. all.

Also, Ryan says that his random, fun fact is that his hair is really long and it makes him want to surf!  Best of luck, Mr. Golfer!  But, I do love your long locks...

Let us know if there is anything that we need to try or do or see while we are here!

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  1. Ashley!! You are in Mexico!! Hey I have a good friend in Guadalajara looks like you are heading there next! he has been on SMP a few times and is super nice! Maybe he can meet you guys!