Friday, March 2, 2012

Day One

During the last week, I have seen some great progression in the healing of my finger.  So, today I went to the range and finally hit a few balls.  I've been able to chip and putt recently, but today was the first time taking full swings.  All I did was hit some wedges, but after 8 weeks off, it felt so great to be out there!  I only hit 27 balls today, but hopefully I can increase a little each day.

Ash had her first week of work this week!  She is the pastoral assistant at our church, Celebration Community Church.  If you are ever in Orlando, I encourage you come to a service on Sunday.  You will hear truth!!  The job as proved to be Ashley's cup-of-tea.....she did administrative work while on staff for a Congressman in Washington, DC.  Her job hear is a lot of administrative work AND it's a "field" that is a passion of hers = CHURCH!  

We are so grateful for the friends we have made at CCC, and now being able to plug in the church and be a part of the growth is so fun!