Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Guadalajara Baby!

This week we are in Guadalajara, Mexico and really like the feel of this city!  The hotel that all the players are at this week is brand-new so its fun to christen the place.  As I write this there is a mariachi band playing outside down below and it makes it feel very authentic!  Let's just say there is a man in a full-on purple suit with bedazzlements all down the leg playing the guitar...

Things to know and love:
1) A purple or orange house in most parts of the US = pretty tacky... A red, royal blue and purple house or building here = cool, charming and really pleasing to the eye (I kid you not, looking out at the city and seeing blue and pink and purple and yellow splashed all around makes if feel like Mexico to me, and I love it!)
2) Driving lanes in roads are more like unfollowed suggestions and less like guidelines that are to be adhered to (Example: 3 lanes and 5 cars wide driving down the road = no problem to our drivers here) Ryan says I no longer have any right to say anything about his driving... EVER.
3) While Guadalajara is lower in elevation than Mexico City, we are still as high up as Denver, so I am super thankful for Burt's Bees and lotion
4) It is spring here!!  I know some friends are still in the cold and dealing with snow, but there are all these trees here with neon lilac flowers budding all over the golf course and it is so pretty!  You can sort of see one in the picture.

I'm off to fill out my bracket for March Maddness since Ryan gets giddy like a little kid with an ice cream cone this time of year!  Go Duke!

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