Monday, January 30, 2012

Injury Update

#1:  As in the last post, I'm starting Physical Therapy on my neck and shoulder, so hopefully the healing is starting strong.  The next 3 weeks will be a lot of time spent with my PT, Alex.

#2:  Got the MRI results back on my hand today.  Basically a strained tendon and sprained ligament.  But, no placement damage or straight tears.  That's good news!  The recovery time should be short!

#3:  The stitches in my left leg should come out in a week!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Long Hiatus

We apologize for the long absence!  There have been a few things going on in the last few months, and we would like to update everyone as briefly as possible.

As most of you know, I was not able to advance through 2nd stage of PGA Tour Q-School.  Shortly after, I had some various MRI's done to try to find some answers to a mystery pain down my right arm that I had been playing with all year.  We found out that I have a perforated disc in my neck  (C3,C4), and some minor tears in my right shoulder.  It even showed that at some point I had dislocated my shoulder without realizing it.  December 27th, I had an Epidural done in my neck and two Cortisone shots in my right Trapezoid muscle.  I started Physical Therapy just this past week which I am hoping to go hard with that for three weeks before the tournaments start to crank up.  I am allowed to practice while doing PT, so hopefully I can be healthy and ready!

Staying with the injury theme, I recently had a really weird one while hitting balls a couple weeks ago.  While warming up, my hand started to really hurt, and after a while it turned purple and swollen.  Pending yet another MRI result, doctors think it's something called "Boxer's Hand" where the sheath that holds the tendon in place over the knuckle is damaged.  That causes the tendon to slip to a side of the knuckle, rubbing against bone and nerve, resulting in quite a bit of pain.  Luckily, the recovery time is short, and I should be back to practicing soon!  Here's a picture of my knuckle an hour after leaving the course....

One more injury happened a couple days ago.... since they come in three's.  I was doing box-jumps Thursday morning at about 7am, and I pushing myself that morning, hoping to jump longer and higher than I usually do.  Well, I was succeeding, then I missed one - it was the first time I've ever not made a jump and I thought I had just scraped my shin, so I did what any athlete pushing themselves does: I kept jumping.  A few jumps later I looked down and saw some red fluid spraying everywhere, so I went to go clean myself up and that's when I realized that this wasn't just a scrape since there was white cartilage visible in the wound.  Five hours and an ER visit later, I had 6 stitches in my shin and off I went.  The good news is that I should healthy and practicing hard within a week!

Okay enough with the injuries.....

Ash and I had some great Holiday time with family.  Thanksgiving was in Miami with my family, and Christmas was in Iowa with Ash's family.  Both were a lot of fun and pretty relaxing.  A few days prior to Christmas, we were able to go see A Christmas Carol in Chicago..... it was phenomenal!

For New Year's, we decided to remain at home and have a "Formal Picnic" on our Living Room floor for a date night.  So much fun!

We have had a great offseason enjoying time with friends from our church!  It's been such an answer to prayer to find a solid church to call "home" and develop relationships that allows us to grow together as a congregation!

Hopefully there will be much much shorter lengths of time before our next post!