Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Florida here we come... and Europe, too.

It's been a while since the last post, but it's primarily because a lot has happened recently. We have a lot to be thankful for! In short, we are moving to Orlando, FL! The official move-in day is Jan. 24th. We are really excited! Currently, we are staying with Ryan's parents in Miami until we go to Orlando.

The whole "moving to Florida" process took about 4 days. One day we were thinking, "we are gonna living in NC for the next year" and the next day Ryan was calling PODS to put our stuff in storage until we found a place in Orlando. It all happened very quickly!! So, we went south. Thankfully, with good research and few days of looking, we found a great townehome! Our good friends, Jonathan and Claire Moore live in the same community, so it will be great to be near friends.

Something else that definitely deserves God's praise is that Ryan, after battling the affects of mononucleosis for 13 months, is finally back to an almost-normal workout and practice schedule. This is one of the reasons we decided that Florida is a good move for us. He has more opportunity to practice and workout during these winter months in a warmer climate. (It also is nice that Florida has no income tax)

Other good news.... The European Tour gave Ryan a full medical exemption for the Challenge Tour in 2011. This means that he gets 12 tournaments in addition to the 5 he played last year to earn full status for the remainder of the year. This is DEFINITELY an answer to prayer! Ryan will play his first event on the Challenge Tour the second week of March in Medellin, Colombia. The events that are in continental Europe start at the end of April, so that is when the season will really get going.

Just thought I would give everyone a quick update!!

-R & A