Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tweet Tweet!

Ok so, I am still holding out, but Ryan has started with the madness that is TWITTER!! Aahhhhh! I will continue to give all of you out there who twit, twat, and chirp your thoughts and updates a hard time, BUT you should follow Ryan! (Plus, he is way better at it than I am with keeping up with the blog! :))

Follow RBlaumGolf for updates on where in the world we are, his random thoughts, and a little golf talk too!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back in the USA!!

Since the last update Ryan and I have been to Porto Santo, Portugal, Paris, France, England, Aviemore, Scotland, Brussels, Belgium, Mississippi and North Carolina! Whew! Lately golf has taken us a little bit of everywhere, except home! :) We are really thankful to now be back in the good ole US of A! Our European adventure was a great experience but challenging, and we are glad to be home eating good, healthy food.

On July 25th, we celebrated our FIRST anniversary! We did a morning spin class and worked out and had dinner at a Hawaiian Fusion restaraunt called Roy's (if you have never eaten there, you should if you like seafood!) We are so thankful for a gracious God who gave us to one another to love, encourage, and challenge each other for the rest of our lives!