Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Under the Tuscan Sun

This week we are in picturesque Florence, Italy, and baby, it is HILLY!! We navigated our way through the countryside, up and down twisty one lane roads in the pitch black of night so successfully to our lovely little bed and breakfast... We were so proud of ourselves!!! A) For finding the place as quickly as we did and B) For the awesome deal that we scored on choosing this place over the host hotel (sorry Challenge Tour but we did better than you)!

Since Ryan and I are going exploring this afternoon, I don't have any pics for you yet, so here is the link to the B&B so you can get a taste!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More from Paris...

We went into Paris for a little sight-seeing tour... I was super excited since it was my first time in the city (Ryan played tour guide)!! We took the train into town, which subjected Ryan to my remniscent story's about the Metro in DC and all of it's wonderful craziness! :) We spent some time at, around, and under the Eiffel Tower and it's surrounding area, which was fun. It was the perfect day for wandering around, warm and sunny and I learned something new... The Eiffel Tower is... BROWN!!!! I'm not really sure if I thought it was gray or black or what but the first thing I noticed was that it is huge, so intricate, and brown! :)

Then we headed over to the Notre Dame Cathedral, which was also solo pretty and reminded us of the Duke Chapel, where we got married, but much, much older of course! Shortly after touring the inside, we decided we were pooped and needed Starbucks, surely there had to be one in Paris, right!? We used our handy-dandy iPhone to figure out the general area and the followed people with the green and white cups! We spent the rest of the afternoon sipping Java Chips and people watching!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well... we are in Paris, France!!! Technically, we are at Disneyland, just outside of Paris for Ryan's second Challenge Tour event of the year, but the first of a 12 week adventure in Europe for us!  We arrived on Monday and have been getting adjusted to the time change and are loving the scenery change!!  This is my first time in Paris, and even though the Disney area is strangely similar to Orlando, it is such a pretty place!! All of the architecture is so classy and petite and just very quaint.  We are staying in a really great location, pretty close to the golf course and very near a pedestrian mall with great shops (ladies there is a Sephora and H&M here, can you believe it?!), pretty good restaurants and even a supermarket (that makes most of the mall smell faintly of fish heads).  I will post pictures soon!

Ryan played his first round this morning and is off to a good start at -1.  Plus he has the only caddy with a ponytail, so that's going to help out tons, right?!